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jon: just talking about that taxpayer calculator, 100,000 hits yesterday. jane: that will do it for us. megyn is up next. megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live." tens of thousands getting ready for what is shaping up to be the biggest protest since the vietnam war. deck morris is the keynote speaker at one of the biggest. he's with us today with what to expect today, during and after. one radical group sets its sights on the pope. new details on the risky stunt they are planning and what happens if it goes badly. also there is this. >> you do not want to have a nice conversation. megyn: and grayson yelling at some florida republicans and telling them to leave their own
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meeting. loud, lively and threat breaking on "america live" right now. we are awaiting details on the resignation on one of the most powerful and controversial union leaders in the united states. he is andy stern. we are told he will address reports that he is stepping down. the news sending shock waves throughout organized labor and washington. that's was stern claims he helped president obama get elected and helped democrats pass healthcare reform. stern also a regular at the white house, visiting 36 times last year alone. earlier this year president obama awarded stern with a political appointment, tapping him not a noted budget expert to a commission that will suggest
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ways to reduce the federal deficit. molly has more. what is the seiu saying about this? >> reporter: they are not confirming it publicly. the union is going to let andy stern do the talking in a couple days. >> reporter: there has been speculation about stern's intention to step down at end of his term in 2012. he will address these concerns at the end of the executive committee meeting later this week. there have been reports that a union board member sent out an email to staffers saying stern is going to step down. it represents 2.2 million people and workers such as janitors and food service employees. megyn: what more do we know about his reasons and explain to the audience how closely tied
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andy stern is to president obama. >> reporter: they are close. the seiu says it's widely credited with helping elect president obama. and it was a force in driving the passage of the healthcare legislation last month. he may want to go out on top after that. he also had the president's ear. he visited 36 times and there were 20 visits of those 36 to the white house during the president's first six months in august. he was there twiceth september. one of those visits was for a holiday party. last month president obama named one of seiu's top lawyers to the national labor relations board in a recess appointment which by passes congress and that was a big win for labor. megyn: a fox news alert. police in florida are holding a
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news conference in this amazing story of an 11-year-old girl found in just last hour after disappearing into the woods five days ago down in florida. we have live pictures coming back. the town is winter springs. let's take a listen to what the police officer is saying about where nadia bloom was discovered. >> we received a phone call. he was able to tell us he located her. if you look at map, there is a green area that is a dry area. and what we did from that point on was try and place the cell phone call to the cell towers in the location. and they gave us the coordinates. the 911 call coordinates. that's where the 911 call was
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coming from. the location actually that she was located when the officers from the emergency response team reached her was using a hand-held gps. so that puts her right in the middle right about here. is where we found her. mr. king is indicating to me he came in from over here. we noticed a car parked off the side of the road. megyn: trace gallagher is here with me in the new york newsroom. he will help us fill in the details. for those who aren't following this story as closely. how did this little girl go missing? >> reporter: this is the police chief in winter springs. he's giving coordinates. what he's saying is this little girl was found this morning by a
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man named a james king. james king is a member of nadia bloom. she is an autistic grade. james king is a member of her church. he apparently went out regardless of what the police said, they don't want people out in these woods. he went out in full military gear today an found her. they are trying to pinpoint where he found her and when they located james king along with nadia bloom where they were both located. they was found in lake jessup. if you don't know the area, it's an alligator infested lake. she was in waist deep water. she had been missing for five days. she had mosquito bites on her. but otherwise she was in good condition. megyn: we are seeing the child.
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she is on this stretcher that the police are removing from the woods. and just as you are talking or monitoring what the police chief is saying, he's saying she is in good condition. >> reporter: keep in mind, megyn, this area was so wood and so hard to get to they had to cut through machetes to get her out. they couldn't even get a vehicle into the area to bring this little girl out so it took them a while to get her. we are trying to figure out what the police chief is saying, how did this guy know where to go? where was he going to look for her? who is this guy? and exactly how did this whole rescue transpire? we should find out more as this news conference goes on. it's a fascinating story about an 11-year-old girl missing for five days who is in good condition. how she survived out there for five days on her own, autistic
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grader, now she is in good condition. megyn: thank god they are saying she is in good condition and has been found. as to how she got out there in the first place and what went on is monitoring that. trace, thank you. folks the state of georgia today taking a defiant stand against part of the healthcare law. georgia's insurance commissioner arguing his state should not take part in a plan that should offer subsidized premiums to those uninsured. he says he has no confidence the plan won't a burden to georgia taxpayers. that federal healthcare legislation has been signed into law. what can a state insurance commissioner do to block it? >> reporter: . the insurance commissioner who is also a republican candidate for governor can't prevent the
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federal government from creating a national program to insure high-risk individuals in his state. however, in a letter to the u.s. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, the commissioner says he has no plans to create high-risk pools at the state level in georgia. here is what he said. >> if secretary sebelius wants to create her own high risk pool and air it to the citizens of georgia, that's well within the purview of the federal government. i can't prevent that. but i don't have to do it for them. >> reporter: federal health officials say they plan to you have a a backup program nationally to insure residents of states that cannot or will not create their own high-risk pools. megyn: how does he elaborate on his reasons for opposing the subsidies. >> reporter: though this plan is funded initially, he predicts
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those funds will quickly run out and the state will be left with unfunded federal mandates. he also questions the constitutionality of aspects of the federal healthcare legislation and he says he doesn't want to rush into program that may be eliminated by the court. megyn: they have taken to the streets to vice their dismay. new developments today with the nutt effort to embarrass and infiltrate the tea party. coast to coast rallies are planned for the next 48 hours. how will the media separate fact from fiction. bernie goldberg is here with answers on that just ahead. plus the leader of the catholic church facing the threat now of being arrested. we'll tell you why and who wants the pope put in jail.
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megyn: a new york high school is closed after a massive auditorium wall came crashing down yesterday. this is mount vernon high school. it's amazing no one was hurt. ceilings in some classrooms coming right down. water, bricks, debris everywhere. the principal says it's ironic because the wall was located in the school's new wing. that the main building. they don't make them like they used to. no word on when the school will be deemed safe enough for it to reopen. i hear the students are not in any rush. a 7-year-old orphan sent back to russia alone by his adoptive american mother is currently in good hands according to the u.s. ambassador to russia. in moscow this child is in a hospital. ambassador john beryl says he expects to meet with the child in the next 24 hours.
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russia is threatening to halt all adoptions by americans of russian children. everybody is watching this story. the big quiz, there are so many american parents trying to adopt russian children sitting in orphanages. but are those adoptions that have been in progress going to be frozen or not? >> reporter: 1,600 russian children have been adopted by americans last year alone. now they are saying the adoptions are frozen. the problem is there has been no formal statement by the russian government that they are absolutely freezing these adongss right now. the president came out and said, this was a monitorrous deed. but d this was a monstrous deed.
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but as of 15 minutes ago there was no formal decree that adoptions had stopped. when the u.s. delegation goes to return. there will be talk about guarantees the united states will have to make to russia about children taken into this country. this clearly is causing an international rif. the state department and a lot of adoption agencies are trying to figure out if in fact this kid is legitimately a u.s. citizen or a russian citizen. adoption experts i talked to said once he land on u.s. soil. his adoptive mother finalized that process, he's a u.s. citizen. his name is justin hansen and he's a u.s. citizen. but his mom sent him back because she thought he was a russian national. megyn: speak of that mother, there is a question whether she ought to face criminal charges on this case.
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we debated it on "kelly's court" yesterday. the panel didn't think there were charges against her. but some think there may be. >> reporter: negligence, abuse, abandonment charges. the feds are involved in this, the local sheriff is involved in this. she is no longer cooperating. so the prosecutors in tennessee are saying she is not cooperating anymore. so it may push our hand to bring her in and bring her up on charges. they are trying to figure out exactly what to charge her with. she was -- the boy was put on a plane in washington, d.c. and sent to russia. so does 10 see get involved in that? the feds are involved. also the boy is in russia. is he going to come back to this country? the state department is trying to find a home for him if he does end upcoming back to this country. but sheriff's department says they are look at pressing charges and looking at bringing some charges, but they are unclear what those will be.
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megyn: trace gallagher is watching this for us. i want to tell you. you heard a lot of condemnation of this mother. and for good reasons. there is a lot to criticize her about. but there are two sides to this story. and in our next hour we will be joined by two parents who adopted two children from russia. when they were 4 years old. and the nightmare that ensued. so concerned about their own safety that we have agreed to put them on camera without revealing their identity. their story is very powerful, it's heart wrenching and we'll give it the respect it deserves in about an hour from now. so don't miss that. there is just handful of space shuttle launches left. nasa preparing to retire the shuttle fleet later this year. now america, the country that led the journey to the final front fear for 40-plus years will take a back seat and pay a hefty price. plus a video on youtube going
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viral. on the tape democratic congressman alan grayson of florida is seen crashing a group of republicans. >> the point where you spy on people. [inaudible] >> so some class, grayson, apologize. we didn't see it coming.
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megyn: a new hampshire mother and her child are lucky to be alive after they fell 35 feet down a waterfall. police say she and her
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20-month-old daughter fell over the edge of rainbow falls after the mother tried to stop her 4-year-old son from getting too close to the water. she had at baby strapped to her in a care iron her chest. the firefighters were able to evacuate her and her baby bringing them both to safety. incredibly both only suffers some minor bumps and bruises. >> not because they are easy but because they are hard. megyn: president john f. kennedy making that speech in houston, texas in 1962. saying in the age of space we mean to be a part of it, we mean to lead it, and america did. here is a look at today's space walk at the international space station. discovery astronauts taking their final space walk of their mission. nasa is preparing to retire the shut tell fleet later this year.
1:24 pm
if we want to go to space we'll have to pay big dollars to russia. our old space rival. how times change. brian wilson has more. >> reporter: right's a case of supply and ded it's a case -- it's a case of supply and demand. soon the russian will have the on system to deliver them so they have the supply. they more than doubled the price her astronaut to $51 million. the shuttle program ending after leading the way in space. we are a country that soon will have no system to send people into space. so now the on way we can get into space is to go hat in hand to the russians. u.s. tax dollars sent to the russians so we can have access to an international space station that we spent billions to help build. megyn: brian wilson, thank you so much. appreciate it.
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megyn: welcome back, forget quick look at the top stories we're watching for you, recovery teams down in west virginia have now finished their work, the reports are that they have removed all of the 29 bodies of the miners. they were killed in that explosion in a west virginia coal mine just about ten days ago, and now federal investigators can get into the mines and try to figure out what caused that blast. the feds say the nation's hospitals are not doing enough to prevent common infections that can be deadly for paints, hel and human services say post-surgery infections increase, this is something a lot of people worry about when they go into the hospital, the feds planning to crack down on those who don't do enough to prevent infections. consumer reports with a scathing assessment on the
1:30 pm
lexus gp460, giving it a rare don't buy safety risk warning. consumer reports says certain routine tests, the rear of the vehicle slid until it was nearly sideways, the magazine says that could cause a rollover. well, uncle sam could be setting a course for financial ruins. within ten years, more than 20 percent of america's gross domestic product will go to interest on our debt, possibly the only way to pay down what we owe, the nation wracking up more than $485 billion in debt in just the past two months and with trillion dollars deficits in the forecast it's only going up. jim angle, live in washington on this one, jim are we headed down the same path as greece on this one? >> reporter: greece is a good example, megyn, greece shows what borrowing too much money can lead to, economic chaos, national strikes, violent protests, pensions on the verge of
1:31 pm
collapse, all because so much money abroad, it's forced to beg for higher rates just to stay afloat and some think the u.s. here is headed down the same dangerous path. >> our financial system is much stronger but even if we experience the situation, a fraction of the problem, of greece's, it would really be a very painful experience for us. >> reporter: the reason for concern, u.s. interest payments on our debt will guad drupel over the next decade, rattles the biggest programs in the country. >> in 2020, it's $96 billion worth of debt service out of a total decifit of $1.2 trillion, we are steadily getting to the point where we're getting a credit card to pay off the old one. >> reporter: the u.s. is flirting with the same prick nent, forced to borrow sums to pay interest on the money we've borrowed and spent and when the nation is in that deep borrowing, it gets expensive.
1:32 pm
moody's says most nations such as greece get downgraded once interest rates up with more than revenues. moody's says its credit rating wouldn't suffer until interest consumes more than 14 percent of revenues, the problem is the budget crosses that line in 2015, reaching almost 15 percent. >> this is something that is dangerous by the lessons of history. the credit rating agencies have their metrics. >> reporter: the u.s. debt could be downgraded, megyn,ing us to -- forcing us to pay higher interest rates. by 2020, interest rates will eat up 20 percent of federal revenues, forcing drastic reductions in other programs, or tax intks -- tax increases or both. that will require such drastic action, it will be painful either way. megyn: jim angle, thank you! >> nothing but good news. megyn: angle, here with all of it. folks, it's part of your money and an in depth look at where the company is
1:33 pm
going -- where the dough is going. log on to, and click on it's your money link at the top of the web page. new reaction to a website targeting the tea party movement, just in time for tax day, some bloggers say this site, which we reported to you did yesterday, calling tea party members, quote, racist, homo phones and a bunch of morons is jux a hoax, others say it's a real attempt to discredit the group by asking antitea partyers to crash events, undermine the tea party's message and smear its public image. here to weigh in, bernie goldberg, fox news media analyst and author of "a slobbering love affair". hi bernie. >> if it's a hoax, who's doing the hoax? megyn: apparently it's this one guy behind this whole thing, a guy named justin levin who organized this web page saying everybody infiltrate the tea party, embarrass them, we'll act on behalf of the tea party in ways which imaj rate their least appealing qualities,
1:34 pm
misspelling protest signs, making child claims on tv interviews and et cetera. is he pulling our leg? >> i don't know. i don't know. but for now, for now, i'm going to take this seriously, because it sounds like something a left wingbosiso might actually want to do. and if it is real, they'll go to the tea parties, they will pull their dirty tricks, the mainstream media will either cover them as if they're real tea party people or maybe expose them, i don't know, but in any event, here's what we know isn't a hoax. and in any mind, far more dangerous than anything this idiot might or might not do. what about the so-called serious, important journalists who have said basically the same thing as this website says about the tea party people? i have three examples. leonard pities, syndicated columnist, writes into the miami herald and other
1:35 pm
papers, did a piece under this headline "racism pervades tea party", right? "racism pervades tea party". pulitzer prize winning hol better king in the "washington post" does a column comparing the tea party people to the racists who tried to keep kids out of central high school in little rock, arkansas, in 1957. and frank rich, of the most important newspaper on the planet, "the new york times", says opposition to obamacare by the tea party people has nothing to do with health care, it's really opposition to a black president. that's what's really happening. that's worse than anything this website may or may not attempt to do. megyn: you know, the thing that interests me, bernie, let me ask you this, the thing that interests me is if colby king and frank rich and these others are right, that the tea party is a bunch of homo phobic, racist, you know, vial people who are out there are
1:36 pm
the worst motivations and the worst behavior, why would somebody like this justin or jason levin have the need to send fake racist and fake homo phones into the group to behave badly? >> that's a funny and very good question. let me make something clear, that is good time to make this clear, i am not here as an advocate for the tea party people. i'm here as a news analyst, and i could tell you as a news analyst, i've covered hard news for a very long time, and more recently, have become a commentator. i could tell you that even opinion journalism needs to be fair. sure, they could have a point of view, they can criticize the tea party people on economic grounds, they can say they don't understand the constitution, they can criticize them on those grounds, but if they're going to criticize them as hobeo phones and racists and morons -- by the way, the website that says that, that's basically the same position that frank
1:37 pm
rich and the others hold, that it's a loose affiliation of racist, homo phones and morons. well, they're entitled to criticize the tea party people on as i say economic grounds and constitutional grounds, but if you want to slander and slime the entire movement, even if an opinion journalist shouldn't be allowed -- well, i say allowed, i don't want a law against it, but shouldn't do it ethically. megyn: but what's going to happen, bernie? we have tax day coming up as everybody knows and the tea partyers are going to come out in droves, and maybe there will be some infiltrators who take this guy's message or just came up with it, had an idea on their own, and they go out there are the swastikas or their bad behavior, and what do we expect from the mainstream media covering that? because let's look at what happened on health care vote day, with the alleged spitting incident, and the alleged hurling of the "n"
1:38 pm
word at one of our lawmakers. i have to say my impression is no one really wanted to push hard on those allegations because you're worried people are going to say you're a racist for not believing the charges of racism. >> you're absolutely right. you're absolutely right. and to your question, what should we expect from the media, well, as i say, some in the media might compose them and some -- expose them and some might take what they do as if they were real tea party people. but why would they be so lazy? because if these phonies come out with swastikas and say racist things, that fits the story line. the narrative of these so-called mainstream journalists. in other words, it wouldn't look out of the ordinary to them. and it's because it's based on these so-called incidents that happened outside the capitol a few weekends ago, before the vote, on health care reform. and i'm telling you, megyn,
1:39 pm
i said this to you once before, i'm going to say it again, based on everything i've been able to figure out, i don't believe those things happened. i just don't believe they happened. mainly because one of the people, john lewis, the congressman from atlanta, has never publicly said they called me a -- the n word, and until he comes out and says that, i do not believe they happened. and yet, those alleged incidents gave birth to all of these crazy columns that accuse of entire tea party movement of bigotry, and that's just wrong. even when it's coming from opinion journalists. >> you really do wonder, because when you watch the videos of the rallies, you see people of all stripes, you see senior citizens, you see -- i mean, i can't get the idea out of my head of an elderly couple, man and woman, appear to be husband and wife, standing there with the signs about big government. i just don't see how anybody
1:40 pm
in the mainstream media or otherwise de grades them, based on -- even if you assume it's true, the incidents reported, even if they're true, to degrade the entire movement as a bunch of crazies, i don't see the interest that that serves anybody. >> oh yeah, i'll tell you what interest it serves. these are the people who jumped on the obama bandwagon early on, these are the people that i write about in a slobbering love affair, so if the tea party people are antiobama, then they will smear the tea party people. let's just imagine for a second that the tea party people were out there, maybe five, six, seven, eight years ago with the same protests against george bush and the republican coming for their ridiculously out of control spending. do you think any of the mainstream media would be slandering them if that were the case? no. it's only because they're antiobama. that's what it's really about. they are tarring these
1:41 pm
people, and sliming these people, because they are against on one level huge spending, but at another level, they are against generally president obama and the -- >> mig they don't like the government policies. bernie, i got to go. >> but they don't like obama and the media likes bin laden and that's what this is about. megyn: it's something to watch, not just the tea party rallies that come and go on tax day, but the way they're covered and bernie goldberg can looking into it for us. follow him at twitter, bernie -- bernie goldberg, thank you very much. >> thanks megyn. chris christie asking the garden state to pay some of their health care coverage. some of the teachers responded with an internal e-mail wishing christie were dead, now the governor is firing back. and there's this: >> do you have to interrupt me? you can't interrupt our meeting.
1:42 pm
megyn: that's democratic congressman allen greyson crashing a rng of -- a meeting of republicans in florida. but wait, it gets better, the accusations, the confrontation and the rest of that fiery exchange, just ahead.
1:43 pm
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megyn: well, the little girl's room may not be the little girl's room for long, at least in the pine tree state, maine, considering a ban on gender-specific school bathrooms, and not just bathrooms, the same principle would apply to locker rooms, sports teams, and school organizations. the state human rights commission says that forcing students into a particular group based on gender, i.e., a girl's bathroom, or a boy's bathroom, is discrimination.
1:46 pm
maura kingsley is director of the national center for transgender equality. maura, thank you very much for being here. >> glad to be here. megyn: you with a transgendered person, transferred from male to female and you think this is a good idea. tell us why. >> i think importantly you need to understand that that's not what the commission is proposing, that's not what's happening in maine. there are no proposals to eliminate gender-specific bathrooms or gender-specific sports teams. what the commission appears to be doing is to -- trying to give tools to teachers and administrators so that they can deal with the growing number of transgendered number of children in schools and they can make sure that all the children in the school, including the transgender children, have safe educational learning experiences. megyn: but i'm looking at the proposal right here and it says, for example, under no circumstances is it possible to force transgender students to use bathrooms or locker rooms
1:47 pm
corresponding with their assigned sex at birth, moreover, transgender students must be permitted to trartstate -- participate in transgender-participated sports. what they're saying is if you have little boy who feels like he should have been born a little girl that the schools must allow him to use the little girl's bathroom, locker room and to play on the little girl's sports team. >> well, if you have -- what it's saying, if you have a child who was assigned male at birth and that person is legitimately a transgender girl, that, yes, they should be treated as a transgender girl. all educational and medical consent -- consensus is it's the best educational policy, to allow transgender -- legitimately transgender children to participate fully in school activities and certainly in school facilities. megyn: but you say legitimately transgendered and it raises two u.s. for me, one, the policy wouldn't
1:48 pm
require medical proof that the child is legitimately, as you put it, transgendered, and number two, who child -- this policy kicks in in pre-k, it's for very young children, preschools, elementary schools, high school, all the way to graduate school. what child in preschool is legitimately transgendered? >> i'm not a medical expert so i'm not going to pass judgment on particular children, but what i will tell you is that the medical consensus and the educational consensus is really clear on this. i think everybody in america knows now that there are transgender people, there are transgender children, and all this -- the policies that you're looking at are guidelines. megyn: well, what does this do to the other children if you have, you know, little girls going into their locker room, and a boy, a
1:49 pm
child that looks like a boy child, he may think he's a girl inside, but he looks like a male, comes into the locker room, they're getting changed for gym, and they have to be subjected to that? is there no sensitivity for everyone other than the transgendered person? >> well, no, absolutely, that's not correct. if you read the proposal, which i might note, i got from your website, it does talk about the need to take into consideration the legitimate privacy concerns of all of the children. so that does include, in fact, the transgendered children but the other children as well. nobody is suggesting that there should be little boys in the little girls' room, that's just a misunderstanding. megyn: what about on the sports team? >> well, it's the same thing. you know, transgender, a young transgendered girl or high school student should be able to participate in all the school activities. megyn: but you say it so generic, but it's not generic. if you have a little girl
1:50 pm
who looks like a female, is born a female but thinks she's a boy inside, you're telling me she should be allowed to play on the boy's football team if that's what she said, and vice versa, a boy who believes he should be a girl should be able to go participate on the girls' gymnastic team? >> well, again, the way you're framing the questions, you're in a way denying the existence of transgendered children, you're saying that it transgender is really a boy who thinks he's -- megyn: well, listen, i'm not -- megyn: ripping, i'm not ripping on the -- i'm not ripping on the transgendered, i'm saying to have the sensitivity towards the other kids and how confusing it would be for them and what this would to sort of the order we have in the elmentry and secondary schools. i need a quick answer. >> the order is really important but this does not cause that problem. this is really edgeit may girls -- legitimately girls participating as girls and boys participating as boys as it's that simple, it has to be done with fairness towards all the students,
1:51 pm
transgendered and not. megyn: maura, we thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you very much, megyn. megyn: we'll be right back, folks.
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megyn: stunning new developments in the sex abuse scandal now rocking the catholic church, two well-known atheists are now going after pope benedict, looking into the possibility of having the pontiff arrested when he visits britain later this year. british scientist richard dawkins and author christopher hitchins argue that pope benedict xvi should be tried for crimes against hunty, hitchence is working with lawyers in the u.k. who believe they can make a criminal case against the pope. >> a projected $11 billion deaf fit for 2011, chris
1:55 pm
christie is having to make tough choices and it is not pleasing the state's powerful teachers union, the governor wants the union to have all of its members pay for a small part of their health care. you see, in the garden state, most teachers pay nothing for their top-notch care, unlike most others, and that has led to a lot of teacher anger, and even a threatening letter distributed among union members. wait until you get a load of this. trace gallagher has the story. >> reporter: christie is battling with the teachers union even before he get elected, he wants them to help pay for health benefits, take a pay freeze for a year, they said no, and the head of the bergen county teachers union sent a memo out to union members and it finished with this prayer, put it up on the screen "dear lord, this year you have taken away my favorite actor, patrick swayze, my fave are the actor, farrah fawcett, my favorite singer, michael jackson, my favorite sales
1:56 pm
man, billie mays, and i wanted to let you know that chris christie is my favorite governor. and chris christie wants them fired but the head of the new jersey association has refused. here's chris christie talking with martha maccallum on "america's newsroom". >> i am the head of the teachers union yesterday, she wanted to apologize and i said fire this guy. if a member of my staff, martha, had said that in an e-mail about her, they would have been demanding his resignation, but you know what, they wouldn't have had to wait, i would already fired him. >> reporter: the new jersey education association, megyn, says their apology was sincere, chris christie, by the way, says look, they forced his hand on this, he's going to have to lay off some teachers because of the budget shortfall. megyn: one of many states face thank issue. all right, trace gallagher, thank you. folks, dick morris is one of the headline speakers at a big tea party rally this thursday in arkansas. what exactly is his message to the party and how does he, a man on the innermost circles of political power
1:57 pm
in prior years in the white house, how does he thinks this could impact the coming election? when republicans wanted americans to, quote, die quickly, he's back in the news, we are now three minutes away from the most fiery exchange of the day. don't miss it.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
megyn: welcome back. new details on president obama's search for his next nominee to the united states supreme court. fox news confirming two new candidates are on the president's short list. i'm megyn kelly. joining the short list federal appeals judge sydney thomas of montana, and former georgia supreme court chief justice leah ward sears. these two apparently possibly in
2:01 pm
line to replace justice stevens. >> reporter: the two names fox news has confirmed to be on the short list would likely appeal to different regions and different con -- different constituents. thomas was born in bozeman, montana. if confirmed he would be the only sitting justice who did not attend an ivy league university. he was nominated to sit on the court of appeals by president clinton. he ruled against indefinite detention of a man jailed after seek asylum here. leah ward is the first african-american cheese justice of any d chief justice of any real court in the united states.
2:02 pm
in a news conference this morning, the chairman of the judiciary committee noted the fact that was the only senator in the senate who was around to vote on just rise *'s mom -- vote on justice stevens confirmation in 1975. >> president ford said he would be happy to have this presidency judged by that nomination. these people are there for a long time. he was in there long after the senators vote on it are gone. and i hope that that's going to be the criteria for the president. >> reporter: senate republicans shot back at the judiciary committee. they have held hear is for 77% of president obama's nominees.
2:03 pm
they compare that to president bush's first term, they only held herrings for 57% of president bush's nominees. we would love to know what you think. you can head over to and answer our "you decide" question. what kind of supreme court nominee will be picked? meantime a push for international cooperatation to prevent a possible nuclear terror attack. the afternoon session of president obama's summit getting underway. they are considering blocking non-state actors from obtaining nuclear materials for malicious purposes. >> we face a cruel irony of history. the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down. but risk of nuclear attack has gone up.
2:04 pm
megyn: the president saying in al qaeda got ahold of a nuclear weapon, it would surely use that weapon. the talk is on how to keep terrorists from attaining nuclear weapons by lock down all nuclear materials worldwide the next four years. thousands of concerned americans turning out for a tea party rally in orlando, florida. the crowd gathered to protest washington's big spending policies and the national date. also john boehner. and king saying the tea party movement is people who have buyer's remorse after voting for obama. video of a real life political party crasher is currently burning up the internet. it shows and grayson confronting
2:05 pm
a small group of republicans meeting at a restaurant in orlando. things got pretty ugly. trace gallagher has the tape. >> reporter: this was a perkins restaurant. he walks in there and he apparently first walked up to a homeowner's association meeting and disrupted that. they said, i think you have the wrong meeting. then he went over to a meeting of orange county republicans. he got an email forwarded to him saying some orange county republicans attended a meeting of organizing for america which is part of the democratic national committee. he walked up to them and accused them of spying. watch this. >> organizing for america. [inaudible] you will not win this victory. it's so simple.
2:06 pm
maybe you think it's the wrong thing to do -- >> reporter: the guy's talking to is running for mayor of orlando. he then went up to this group and tried to get them out the door. watch. >> you have to interrupt me. >> you can't interrupt our meeting. [inaudible]. >> this man -- i ask you to apologize to this man. >> you are lucky to get 5% of the vote. >> reporter: that dust-up went back and forth. five minutes, seven minutes of this back and forth. finally congressman grayson sits down with the homeowners association because they invited him too sit in on their meeting. he got the best of both world because he got to go after the republicans and sneak in some
2:07 pm
time with the homeowners association. >> reporter: we love you come over here. megyn: who is filming this? who his behind the camera as we watch this thing? >> reporter: that's the million dollar question. before he goes out the door you have to you say something to the photographer. watch. >> gift a rest. what do you mean? >> i'm having a conversation. >> i want to record you. do i have to turn it off? why don't you like being record? you are a public figure. you are famous. >> reporter: have you ever been to perkins? it's a waffle house. they are dierns and this is where a d they are diners, and this is where a lot of these types of gatherings happen. he got wind it and he decided to
2:08 pm
show up. and his office said first i was coming for the homeowners association meeting and it had nothing to do with the orange county republicans. i came for the homeowners. then he said, i have got the best of both world. megyn: he sounds like he was accusing the gop of crashing the organizing for america event. did they do that? >> reporter: the email says they did. the email says they were attending some of these meetings to get some political strategy. that's what the email forwarded says. that was his contention. he said at one point how low are you guys degrees to go? that d how low are you guys going to go? that started it with the guy running for mayor. megyn: that lawmaker grayson doesn't shy away from a fight. he's the one who took to the floor of the u.s. congress and said the gop policy for healthcare was die quickly americans. so we'll reach out to him. fit would be great if we can
2:09 pm
have him on the program. tax day is april 15. this is the week. don't you dread it? it's nice if you get a refund or if you don't get a refund it's no fun at all. it will be a big day for the tea party movement which is holding rallies across the country that day. up next we'll speak with one of their headliners. deck morris joins us live to tell us what he plans to say and how he thinks the tea party factors into the mid-term elections coming up in november. also the tale of the tape. did police go too far in take down one student when things got out of hand during an on-campus celebration? wait until you hear this full story in "kelly's court." folks around the world are blasting an adoptive mother in tennessee for sending her boy back to russia by himself saying she couldn't handle him. what about her side of the story? we'll sneek one couple who knows
2:10 pm
all too well about this kind of was. we have agreed to hide their identity. they are concerned about fear of retribution perhaps from the children authorize grown. this is an important piece of this story. we'll bring it to you in 20 minutes just ahead. >> there is no federal laws we can find that has anything to do with it. this is not something that happens every day. will everyone with constipation please report to gate 17? thank you so much. constipation's uncomfortable enough, so why take a harsh laxative? phillips' caplets work naturally with your colon... for overnight relief without cramps. phillips' caplets. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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2:13 pm
megyn: tens of thousands of americans are getting ready for what is shaping up to be the biggest protest since the end of the vietnam war. tea party rallies planned across this country tomorrow and thursday. deck morris one of the headline speakers -- what is his message? this man who has been on the innermost circles of in this country back during the white house clinton years. what is his message to the
2:14 pm
party? the author of "2010 take back america." you will go down to this events and say what? >> the battle plains out today. megyn: congrats. >> number 12 on amazon already. imgoing to go there because blanche lincoln needs to be defeated. she ignored the interests of her state when she voted for the healthcare bill. and she needs to be replaced. and there are three congressional seats in arkansas that republicans need to take. two of them are retirements by democrats in a republican district and the final one is mike ross, congressman from southern arkansas. he voted against healthcare on the house floor so he says i'm against it. but when it was in committee and he had the power to kill he voted for it.
2:15 pm
so mr. ross is on our hit list, too. megyn: you want accountability for lawmakers who vote for the healthcare reform bill which is what a lot of tea partyers also want. but do you think -- >> we want to repeal it. megyn: how does the tea party translate that goal into real action? because as you know, neither you nor the tea party wanted the healthcare bill to become law in the first place and it did. >> the tea party pursuaded 60% of the american people to oppose this bill. and congress decided to jam it through anyway. obama was disingeneral -- then he passed the healthcare bill with people opposes it.
2:16 pm
since it has taken effect it has lost another 7 points in popularity. megyn: as somebody who has done the polling for a president, for president clinton. you wrote -- you would be the guy -- do you believe the white house when they say we are not worried. once it's passed, once it's law. let the republicans run on repeel it. that's a losing message for them. we feel good going into these mid-terms. >> number one, it's not true and i'm sure they don't believe it. when this bill passed, 41% of the american people in the cbs poll supported it. now only 34% support it. and everybody in this country, all of the listeners i'm talking to are going to see their personal health insurance bill increase between now and election day as a result of this bill. obama says i'm not raising taxes
2:17 pm
on the middle class, but then he imposed a mandate that force inss companies to raise -- that forces insurance companies to raise insurance premiums on the middle class. megyn: the message from the white house is let the republicans say repeal when people are getting advances of putting their 26-year-old on their insurance plan. and getting insurance with preexisting conditions. my question is wet usual you think that's a message the white house is putting out or whether they actually believe that. >> i'm sure they don't believe it. it's a device to try to get democrats to commit suicide by voting for this bill. the reason that the insurance companies will be covering people with preexisting conditions and putting the 26-year-old on the policy is that they will raise insurance premiums. and the average family is going to find their insurance premiums going up by $2,000 a year
2:18 pm
between now and the first of the year. megyn: obviously the white house disbiewts that. what do you do with respect to the tea party? they will come out tomorrow and thursday and have a big government and big spending. but how does that translate into anything that's meaningful politically. >> the tea party an made it the republican party and made it into a strong force. even without leaders in the party. because we don't have leaders in the party it's a bottom up power. but the other thing is it's cleansing the republican party. we talk at some length how corrupt and bad the republican party was before they lost power. it was the reason they lost power. there were 10 republican congressmen out of 200 that were under investigation, indicted or forced to resign. 10. 5% of the body. their earmarks were out of control. what the tea party movement is doing is insisting that the
2:19 pm
republican party commit itself to opposing earmarks, to freezing spending, to holding down taxes, to reforming the ethics. megyn: you were sitting there getting ready for the segment during our last block when we ran that tape after allen gray on crashing that gop meeting. >> i want to tell you about grayson. he represents orlando. he's in his first term. he won with only 52% of the vote. i have him listed in my vote as a dead man walking. he's not going to get reelected. he's the fifth richest member of the house of representatives. and he supports the democratic party leadership 98% of the time. there is a famous operaetta by
2:20 pm
gilbert and sullivan that says he always vote in this party's call and never thought of the thinking for him civil at all. that's alan grayson. megyn: that can get you a lot of trips to disney world. >> i think seaworld. he's a little fishy. megyn: we invited him on the program. we'll love to hear his response. attention taxpayers. a nasty surprise is coming your way. how bad is it? all the answers on click on our handy tax calculator. you can find out what you are going to be facing when uncle sam comes knocking. al gore on the run from the no spin zone. wait until you see what happens when the factor tracks down the former v.p. for a reality check. >> what is your reaction to the fact that the arctic ice is increasing? >> i'm not doing an interview
2:21 pm
right now. >> one last question for you. are you embarrassed at all -- >> i'm not doing an interview. >> are you embarrassed by climategate which is what
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
millions of americans will be doing this week. we enjoy the blessings and share the brudens of government. but unless you can put a price tag on these program it's hard to tell congress what you do and don't want to pay for. six years ago the average american household paid $21,000 to fund the federal government. next year it's almost double that, $39,000. for decades states and county taxes paid for elementary and high school educations. but federal k-12 spending there will quadrupled in the last 10 years. even while many u.s. salaries
2:26 pm
remain flat. so how does the republic tell congress to hit the brakes, they don't want hem to spend money we have not earned? today we are introducing the taxpayer calculator. it allows taxpayers to isolate program and break down the budget in amounts we can understand. let's take the $100 billion bailout of aig and general motors and others. we'll use $50,000. and the pie chart shows what share of that program is born by your tax bracket. then it will calculate how much you pay individually for the program. in this case, it costs this individual $478. it goes much higher for top wage earners, $13 thowrgs. then you will be -- $13,000. then you will be asked to vote, is this how you want congress spending your money. all this week we'll be looking at the budget and using the
2:27 pm
kltor putddd -- using the calculator. megyn: you hear these dollar amounts. but when you hear it broken down to how much of your dough is attributed to these things it's meaningful. you have done the number crunching for us. >> a trillion dollars has no context to anyone. megyn: thanks, william. you can log on to to try aught the taxpayer calculator for yourself. some stung revelations in a new book about oprah oprah winfrey. author kitty kelly offers what she calls the inside story on the bizarre way this low means ended. we'll tell you.
2:28 pm
a tennessee woman sending her 7-year-old adopted son back to russia on a plane. in a few moments we'll talk to a couple who say do not be so quick to judge her. they went through a similar experience. they say the was a flight mayor in their lives. next.
2:29 pm
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megyn: astronauts at the international space station
2:32 pm
finishing their third and final space walk. nasa could not come up for a fix for a valve on a storage tank. the miracle ending to a scary story in florida. an 11-year-old girl found safe and sound. nadia bloom discovered in a swamp this morning. authorities saying she is dehydrated but otherwise is doing well. an inquest underway in massachusetts. a d.a. take another look at the 1986 shooting death of a university professor accused of killing three colleagues. the death of amy bishop's brother originally ruled an accident. the queen of talk make headlines. a new book saying oprah winfrey and john tesh were once an item. but it seems tesh was the one who walked out of the romance. the book says tesh abruptly ended the relationship one night
2:33 pm
when he look the at their contrasting skin colors and realized he just could not handle an interest racial relationship. -- an interracial relationship. this is -- this is more bizarre as these things continue to leak out. now we learn that tesh and oprah had a romance. what is confirmed, what is not confirmed. >> reporter: that entire story takes up three paragraphs in a 500-page book. but what's confirmed is that tesh acknowledges that they did date for a time. tesh later moved on to wcvs in new york and the relationship ended. it was brief. all the talk about in the book -- the talk about the interracial dating stigma that allegedly occurred is sourced back to one woman unnamed that was supposedly dated tesh for
2:34 pm
some time. this is a pattern for kitty kelley books is really inflammatory things sourced to one person unnamed. megyn: is there an allegation kitty kelley has been inaccurate? has oprah said that? >> reporter: no, she has not said that. but she has had difficulty with some corroboration of some of the things she published. she note an interview with peter lawford part of the rat back. she said she interviewed lawson. there are some inconsistencies what she says is her document taitions for her historical books. >> there is not much she could do to stop that. by being a celebrity she put her life into the public eye. there is a lot of the articles and facts about her life that are out there. as a celebrity she is entitled to a little bit less protection
2:35 pm
with respect to her private life. >> reporter: that is under illinois law. should she pursue a lawsuit, and there is no signal that she will at this time. megyn: mark your calendar. thursday the author of this controversial new book about oprah winfrey, kitty kelley will join me live on "america live." many news outlets won't let her on to promote it because they are so tied to oprah. so afraid of oprah. we are going to let kitty kelley join us and we'll hear from she has to say coming up this thursday. new developments in the case of a tennessee woman who adopted a boy from russia, then sent him back to moscow saying he had psychological problems which were never disclosed to her. it sounds heartless, loading a 7-year-old boy onto a plane to moscow alone.
2:36 pm
but do not be so quick to judge. we would like introduce you to a couple who adopted 2000 two children from russia, a girl and boy, both 4 years old. they said it turned out to be a nightmare that nearly destroyed their home, their family and their marriage. we are calling them carol and joe. thank you so much for being here. joe, let me start with you. you tried to adopt. you did adopt two children, a little boy and little girl. you sid it turned into a -- you said it turned into a nightmare saying to both children were wild from the start. tell us. >> we adopted these two children in 1993. they were from different orphanages in russia. we were advised by a u.s. adoption agency that they had examined these children, they were both apparently normal. that they were in need of good nutrition, but that they would respond to vitamins and love.
2:37 pm
i remember clearly the adoption agency telling us that. they also told us when we went to russia to disregard anything that the russian orfan age workers might tell us about the children or our own sense that these kids were trouble. that instead to just have faith that when we took them into our homes and took care of them, that they would respond and be part of our family. megyn: when you got them home -- you had two other children, biological children already in the home. young children. you bring home these two youngsters from russia. and tell us about the behave oriole problems. we are trying to get a feel for what this woman in tennessee may have experienced. she says this child was ruining
2:38 pm
her life. >> i'll say the young boy had feet at alcohol syndrome. he would go into the bathroom and smear his fee sees all over the wall -- his fee seize over the wall, the toilet fixtures. he to destroy toys, furniture. he was self-destructive. he would throw himself on the floor. hit his head on the floor. we would try to speak into that in some way as parents and we are simply unable to help him. we tried to get professional help, we talked to social workers within psychiatrists. and psychologists. at least at that point in 1993, 1994, the american medical community was completely unable to speak into it. megyn: carol, the other child -- i know sergai you made arranges
2:39 pm
for him to leave your home and ultimately you made arranges for katrina to leave your home. but you did make arrangements for them. you didn't just stick them on a plane back to russia. is that a piece of this tennessee mother's story you can defend? >> i would not condone what she did, but i would say desperate people do desperate things. we certainly looked for any out, any respite and could find none, not in professional help. i had wonderful family and friends who stepped up. but there was so limited -- limitation and what they could do because the severe nature of the behavioral problems. so there was nowhere to turn. we even thought could they ever go back to russia. we went to the two orphanages and decided we would never -- as horrible as our lives were going, we would never send those children back to the horrific
2:40 pm
environment that we saw when we visited there. megyn: you say katrina, the little girl suffers from reactive attachment disorder. something you say many children adopted from russia suffer from. what is that? >> what we were told is there is a double mental window early in childhood, somewhere between early before 6 or 9 months that children form the ability to bond it's a physiological process that when the child has a relationship with a care derek where they are touched, their needs are responded to, they form an ability to bond. children who instead during that tee period are abused and ignored, don't form that ability, and in fact the developmental window is missed. megyn: i want you to tell us what message you have to send to other would-be adoptive parents
2:41 pm
out there looking to russia for their children. >> well, i'm sure there are happy endings in many stories. but particularly feet at alcohol syndrome which is easy torriddify, you need to look for that. attachment disorder is incredibly difficult to diagnose by seeing a child in an orphanage. but i feel like our government needs to be protecting both the children, but also the families in aftercare. and making some kind of provision so that desperate people have an out. there are almost no outs if any for these people, particularly i would imagine a single mom. there is nowhere to go. they don't know what to do. megyn: we appreciate both of you for coming on and telling your story. you had both children for several years, you had two other children you lad to be concerned about. you did what you could to make sure they landed someplace safely. so thank you for coming on and telling your story.
2:42 pm
>> thank you. megyn: i have a good friend who adopted a child from russia who has been clear to me to say it could not have gone better. she felt well supported and according to her things have changed since then. so as with anything, there are two sides to the story. coming up on studio b we'll see shepard smith take over. what do you have coming up? >> a story i find fascinating that we'll get into in the next hour on studio b. criminals playing on people who are either unemployed or looking for a different kind of job in the papers or online. there is a scam you wouldn't believe. they are turning people into mules. i'll explain what i mean by that. intelligence correspondent from the "wall street journal" will tell us how people are being preyed on as they search for jobs. unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. megyn: police accused of using
2:43 pm
excessive force in beating a college student. the police chief initially defending his officers, but after seeing the tape changing his tune a bit. is this police brutality, or is there something you don't see in the video. we'll show you the video next in "kelly's court." claudia cowan is live for us with troubling news about our bee population and our food supply. >> reporter: i'm here in a bee protection suit. we'll call this the plight of the honey bee. could consumers be next in i'll have a live report for what is literally a beehive of activity.  ahhh. time to get the latte budget under control.
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
[ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? here goes the good old steam. [ pfffft! ] whooa!!!!
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[ female announcer ] let bounty help... because it cleans the mess with less than the bargain brands. it's thick and absorbent... and really durable. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. [ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. want huge value? try new bounty huge roll. megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket, one college seen
2:47 pm
year versus a full squad of riot comes. the home team turfs beat duke in a basketball game. seconds later a swawmple cops unload on the student. and now that victim is promising a lawsuit. is there more to this story that meets the eye? let's ask our panel. mark, just how bad is this for the police if at all? >> reporter: it couldn't get worse. this was without any merit whatsoever there will be is no justification for it. 12 times he was beaten while on the ground. their own police chief said there was no justification for it. i believe at a minimum their badges should be taken away, at a maximum they should be prosecuted. megyn: they are look at possible kiewght the police. do they have any defense? in addition to the two who did the beating, a third copper
2:48 pm
you'd this report that said -- a third copper youd this report saying the victim provoked the beatings. he said he was running and screaming in the middle of route 1. and any injuries were as a result of the horses. >> that will be the biggest challenge for the cops. here he is. he's approaching these officers -- these are split second decisions. most people when they see a big horse they are not skipping and running toward the horse. was there some lack of judgment by these officers in absolutely. what the defense will say and do, look at these officer's history, they don't have civilian complaints, there are no procedures that say these officers have a history of abuse. if they were so great, why did they pummel down some innocent
2:49 pm
college student skipping down the road? >> these are split second decisions. these officers live or die by those split second decisions. megyn: i get that. i mean i feel for the police. they have one of the most dangerous jobs in this country. however, he was skipping down the road. not touching anybody. let's show it. we slowed it down. watch this kid. here he is. now he gets closer to the cop on the horse. this is where they say he attacked the the cops. do you see an attack? is he attacking? >> obviously there is no attack. these guys had no idea there was a video rolling at time. what bothers me even more, they then doctored the police report. they took a pen and they wrote up the worst lies. the only hitting that took place is from their perspective the
2:50 pm
victim struck their billyclub with his head repeatedly? megyn: one cop said well if this gay had injuries it's because he was kicked by the horses. you saw the tape. he wasn't kicked about it horses. it's a blatant lie. >> there is definitely abuse by these officers. this is what the defense will do. they will throw themselves on the sword and say this is obviously an error in judgment. they night was a dangerous situation. and they selected the wrong individual. according to the reports there were fires on the streets. megyn: should they be fired or prosecuted? >> fired, not prosecuted. >> absolutely prosecuted. fired immediately. absolutely. megyn: it' not good. one final word for our viewers. these cops were way out of line.
2:51 pm
they should be prosecuted. they should be fired. to keep up the -- for the saisk all of us, period. we'll be right back. shes us to . to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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2:54 pm
you may not know it but bees are dying at an alarming rate a reverend scientists and the feds are watching with concern because honeybees play a crucial role in our food supply. claudia is in a bee suit. >> a third of our fruit supply requires pollennation and this research center is devoted to getting a handle on the problem because honeybees are vital to our agriculture. for a fourth year in a row,
2:55 pm
beekeepers are finding the frames are empty, even when the weather is good and plenty of food is on hand. scientists believe it could be the result of a natural phenomenon or poor nutrition or pesticides. but when they try to figure out what's going on, farmers and bee keepers are growing increasingly nervous. while their hives look healthy, they can't be certain their bees won't suddenly fly off and die. they put the roafl these tiny poll d they put the role of these tiny mol nateors into purchase prospective. >> if you don't get them visits you are not going to get that watermelon. >> reporter: bee keepers are doing a great job of rebuilding their colonies. there have been enough bees
2:56 pm
onhand to pollinate crops. but if this problem per vifts notd -- persists, not only could we see bee keepers go out of business, but weee may see d but we may see an impact on crops like almonds. so again it's a problem continues we may see a higher prices and that's going to sting consumers at checkout stand. megyn: do you feel safe in that suit? >> reporter: i feel safe. i'm told these are calm, gentle bees. with this suit and the resources around me i'm good to go comeg comeg -- megyn: . online scammers preying on the unemployed. coming up. captioning made possible by fox news network
2:57 pm
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